Crushing the myths of modern day & designing a life YOU love.

If you’re like most women you are probably EXHAUSTED, not tired, EXHAUSTED. You probably play a lot of different roles and are no stranger to self-sacrifice. This busy, juggle-this-juggle-that lifestyle can leave you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and some how like you’re still not getting it right! How is that?!

Are you tired of taking care of everyone else’s needs, only to find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, wondering what you did for yourself?

Do you feel guilty every time you sneak away for a minute of silence, just so you can catch your breath?

Are you pulled in twelve different directions at home, wearing all the hats of taxi driver, math tutor, soccer coach, nurse, accountant, chef? …and the list goes on.

Are you constantly “pushing through” to finish up projects at work or answering calls from your clients during the wee hours of the night?

Are you secretly dreading that super fun 25th wedding anniversary party because really all you want to do is catch up on lost sleep?

Are you so busy that the thought of taking an hour to yourself, let alone an entire day, seems like the most absurd, unrealistic science fiction movie plot?

If you answered yes to any of those above statements, you need to come to Pamela Zimmer’s next retreat workshop!

In this one-day retreat workshop, Pamela will de-bunk the myths of modern-day society so you can design (and live!) a life you actually love. She will toss guilt and busy out the door and invite in balance and peace. You will learn how to choose your time so it supports you, and everyone else around you. Most importantly, you will get permission to put yourself first. Gasp! I know.

This day is designed as a small, intimate, self-care experience which is why seats are limited. Don’t ignore the nudge inside you, register today to secure your spot!

I know you’re busy, we all are, which is exactly WHY you need this day. You deserve it, everyone around you will thank you for it. Register now and say YES to YOU!

Learn to stop striving to be who you think you “should” be and become the best version of YOU.

***While this event may pull some themes from what it’s like to be a Mom (of kids of all ages – even those out of the house) it is not entirely just for Moms. Yes, you can come even if you aren’t a Mom – and we’d love to have you! Self-care doesn’t discriminate. 🙂

What You Will Learn:

GET PERMISSION: Permission to be imperfect and owning where you want to spend your time.

ASSESSMENT: See where you are, define where you want to be.

PLANNING: Learn boundaries, letting go, & saying “no.” Your ally – the calendar.

ALIGNMENT: Be clear with your choices and stop flying by the seat of your pants.

COMMITMENT: Leave renewed and ready to value yourself and your time.

More About Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Pamela Zimmer

Pamela Zimmer is a successful architect turned impassioned motherhood mentor on a mission to change the game for moms. She is committed to building a community of moms who put themselves first (gasp!), break the “perfect” parent rules and strive for successes that truly make motherhood worth it.

Registration Includes:

  • Full Day Workshop Retreat
  • Special Welcome Gift
  • Worksheets And Tools
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Group Support & Discussion
  • Live Q&A With Pamela
  • An Intimate, Engaging Experience
  • Much Needed Time for YOU!

Single registration: $150

^^^ (click the link above to register and secure your spot!) ^^^

bRing-a-friend incentive: 
Bring 3 friends with you, I will reimburse your full registration. Life is better in community!


Here’s what people are saying about the workshop…

“THIS was incredible! I came home so refreshed and focused. It’s been great talking about with my girlfriends! You are incredible and this is something I would recommend to anyone who is just flat out busy in life. Amazing!!!” – Christy Arias, Moirae Creatives Studio



“Pamela’s workshop is phenomenal! It is an investment for yourself! She eloquently speaks to each of our hearts from her experience with tips and tools to make our lives more in balance. It has truly helped me to balance all areas of my life! Relaxing and inspiring!” – Crystal Reilley, The Tapestry Network of Reno

Join us at the beautiful Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno, NV



^^^ (click the link above to register and secure your spot!) ^^^