“There is hope. With help and support you will get better. You deserve to feel like yourself again. There is not strength in suffering.”
– Kristin Hodson, founder of The Healing Group

Today I want to share with you part of my HAPPY Mommy Method – a big part of it!

When I work with women who are beginning the journey of recovery from Postpartum Depression, I always share the “Golden Rules of Healing.” These rules have guided my recovery and I know they will help you, too.

girlwritingThe truth is, you can (and should!) apply the Golden Rules every day of your life, no matter what you are going through. But they are most important when you’re healing. The healing process itself is challenging. It’s not like you get your PPD diagnosis and *poof* you’re healed. It can be so tempting to give up, or just frustrating to go through the motions (which is what it feels like at times) without feeling much better than you did weeks or months before.

GOLDEN RULE #1: Be Patient.
Extremely, extremely patient. Every single step will take time, often longer than you want to wait. But in time, you will heal.

GOLDEN RULE #2: Never Compare.
Do not worry about what your friends and neighbors are doing or have done. Everybody’s situation is different, and your symptoms can be vastly different, too. What worked for them might not work for you, or it might work on a different schedule. Just focus on your own recovery.

GOLDEN RULE #3: Trust.
Trust your choices, trust your instincts, and trust yourself to heal. And trust your doctor or care provider, because when you share what is happening with you, he or she will find the right treatment.

I’ll add one more thing – it really helps to have someone to talk to, someone who has been down this road before. If you are ever feeling like giving up, or just aching with frustration (believe me, I know how that feels!), I hope you’ll get in touch. No strings attached – I promise to be there for you and listen when you need me.

With Love and Mommy Hugs,
Pamela Zimmer

butterfly photo courtesy of: Rob Bixby: http://ow.ly/Pv6rO woman writing courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net