Do you remember the post I wrote a few months back, about Brayden starting Kindergarten, and the unexpected blessing(s) that came along? Here’s the link in case you missed it.

Since then, we have been all set for Brayden to continue school where he was already going. We had the conversations with him and prepared him for what to expect. We were all happy and excited. It was a good thing.

Turns out that on Friday July 31st, the state passed a new mandate for free full-day Kindergarten. Gulp! Yes, you read that right. I found out two days later on Sunday as we were driving back from a family weekend / wedding celebration two and a half hours away. Needless to say, Will and I had ample time to talk about it!

So fast forward to this week: Zackery started third grade (WHAT? Crazy, I know!), and Brayden is home with me. Confused? Don’t be. We enrolled him back into public school, and… drumroll…. he has the teacher (I) we had been dreaming about for nearly three years. This week is Kindergarten assessment week, so as he is technically in Kindergarten now, he officially doesn’t start school until next Monday.

The decision was a little harder to make than I thought. It was hard to have to swing back to a different mindset, especially after feeling so down about it back in May, and it took me a little while to shift (if I’m being honest here – and well, I’m only human). But I couldn’t ignore the financial side of things. We ultimately are saving quite a bit of money every month, and that’s what it came down to (and of course that deep down longing of creating a memory of both boys having the same teacher for Kindergarten – maybe it’s a little selfishness on my part).

So all that stuff I said back in May about unexpected blessings… it’s still true. I did see the win-win of him staying where he was. I know the challenge of work and travel is a real challenge for me, but things work out and with God’s help I will figure it out. It’s heartbreaking knowing that he won’t be in the same class as his best friend(s), and that is hard, as a Mom, to know that you made a decision to take him away from his friends. I made that decision.

I also know that his current teacher is fantastic, and not to say that any of the teachers he was assigned to are any less (without going into details, there were 3 other teachers prior to now), but I am thrilled that Brayden is where he is.

There was a lot of last minute changes this past week. A LOT! Two specific phone calls changed my life and changed the course of Brayden’s Kindergarten. I believe, from the bottom of my heart that this is what God had planned for him and I all along. I just had to be patient. There is no doubt in my soul that His hand was all over this! Yes, there is some juggling around that I will have to do to accommodate this new scenario, but I will take it – and with a grateful heart.

kidwithbackpackAs for keeping connections with his preschool and his best friend, well, let’s just say he’s there right now for after school. *wink

When God knows the desire of your heart, when you thank him with all you’ve got for the situation you are in currently, when you surrender and trust that He has a plan… God delivers.

With Love and Mommy Hugs,
Pamela Zimmer

p.s. Oh yeah, can I just freak out a little and say that Brayden is starting Kindergarten??? My little snuggle-bug. My five year old (that still gets me every time – probably will until he turns six! No wait, let’s not talk about that yet…)

p.p.s. And Zackery is in THIRD GRADE! Where on earth has the time gone? My boys are growing up. It doesn’t make me want another one. LOL. But seriously, third grade…

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