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Pamela Zimmer is a successful architect turned impassioned motherhood mentor on a mission to change the game for moms. Her powerfully compassionate talks are building a community of moms who put themselves first (gasp!), break the “perfect” parent rules and strive for successes that truly make motherhood worth it — none of that winner of every bake sale crap. Pamela shares her story and addresses common, though difficult, topics that all women face or can relate to, including:

  • Mom Guilt
  • Putting Yourself First
  • Work Life Balance
  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Postpartum Depression

Pamela invites you to join the discussion about modern day motherhood, whether that’s through listening, sharing your story or inviting others to join the movement. Pamela’s talks are an inspirational must for women seeking to be understood.

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Loving Words From Past Hosts

Hearing Pamela Zimmer share her story of Postpartum Depression really opened up the awareness and discussion at our MOPS meeting. She gave us her heart with open vulnerability and honesty. It was a gift to have her speak to these moms, and I know her story is exactly what some of them needed to hear to not feel alone. Any group would be blessed to have Pamela as their guest speaker.

Marie Jackson

MOPS Director, Grace Church Reno

I wanted to share the amazing feedback that I have received from the women at our gathering. They absolutely loved listening to you! You came to the meeting with an amazing heart-warming story and presentation. Your speaking skills were phenomenal and the way you shared your story spoke to each and every woman there. Regardless if they were a mother or not you were able to relate your experiences and story in a way that was relatable to all types of women. On behalf of Tapestry and the women that you spoke to we thank you for speaking to our hearts and sharing with us your story and giving us some great tips on how to balance our lives in a way that individually fits each one of us, so that we can carry just a little less guilt each day.

Crystal Reilley

The Tapestry Network

Pamela Zimmer is a captivating speaker who has the power to ground a room through her very presence. She took the stage as the second speaker in front of a 300 person conference directly after lunch, but unfortunately, the audience was still fidgety when she began to speak. Pamela’s calming presence quickly shifted the energy of each person in the room so we could not help but feel connected with every word she said. She captured the heart and mind of each of us who heard her.

Kara Jordan

Executive Assistant Extraordinaire, Super-Mom

Pamela is a movement. She ‘gets’ people, has incredible intuition, asks the most relevant questions and results just flow. Pamela is like magic with the most pure heart. It was so easy when it had been so difficult on my own.

Jacque Busby

President, Founder & Luxury Travel Advisor

Pamela Zimmer spoke at our 2017 Kick off Dinner for TRIBE this last week and the response has been nothing but appreciation and gratitude. Pamela gave her personal story and how she has grown and embraced taking care of herself so she can be whole to take care of the ones she loves. This is a much needed message for so many and it really tied into what Tribe is and how we are connecting in order to take care of each other. I highly recommend asking Pamela Zimmer at a speaker.

Renee Cooper

Founder of Tribe