Imagine Yourself…

Imagine yourself waking up to the crash of the ocean waves, sunlight peeking through your screen door as the senses catch the sounds and scents of nature outside your bedroom. You walk out onto your porch, down the few steps to the path that leads out to the beach. Just past the labyrinth, you open the wooden gate, carefully latching it shut behind you. Stepping stones invite you one by one, several shaped liked hearts, and you walk to the top of the sandy dune. You take in the vastness of the deep blue ocean ahead of you, as far as your eyes can see. The sand soft and cool between your toes. The warm sun lands on your cheeks. The fresh air filling your lungs. You stand, mesmerized, by the tide of the ocean, water coming in, water going out. You feel your body relax, shoulders drop, face soften, breath deepening. You are here. Imagine, feeling all of this, and we haven’t even started yet. This is Mexico. This is your retreat. This is Permission To Be. 

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March 11-18, 2023