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I was always concerned with being perfect: making the perfect dinner in my perfectly clean home where my perfectly well-mannered children do their homework while my husband and I spend the evening planning our perfect family vacation. It was exhausting, unhealthy and unattainable. It was ridiculous. So I did something about it. I took a step back and looked at what I was doing, and in doing so I started to take charge of my life.

I want every mother to remember who she was before motherhood, and unearth the strength and resilience she may have forgotten. My program is designed to guide you back to yourself. To remind you that you were a whole, beautiful unique individual before you had children, and you still are. While I do not define myself as a “mother coach” or holistic life coach, I believe that my work helps women return to their individuality, which in turn helps them approach motherhood in a healthier way. I encourage women to listen to the story they are telling themselves — to acknowledge their triumphs and stumbles, and get back to being individuals.

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Being a mother is hard enough, you don’t need to go it alone. I sludged my way through postpartum depression trying to be a perfect mom, and I understand how overwhelming and isolating it can all be. Read my full story, I hope it inspires you to share yours too.

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