As a stay-at-home mom, “work” and “life” seem to blur together (and so do our days!) With all that chaos, we’ve all thought at least once, “I hate being a stay at home mom.” It’s OK to feel that way, but it’s also OK to want to change that feeling. Today I want to explore some simple tips for achieving work-life balance as a stay-at-home mom. I promise I’ll be brief, I respect your time and know how busy you must be.

Get Dressed

You deserve to look and feel your best. Getting dressed in the morning gives you built-in time to take care of yourself. It’s that little accomplishment that helps you mentally prepare for your day, and look good doing it. Besides, it doesn’t feel so great realizing it’s 3pm and you’re still rocking those pajama bottoms. Remember, whether you are going out or plan to be at home all day, getting dressed is a form of expression and self-care. Do it for yourself.

Get Out of the House

Being a stay at home mom does not mean you should stay at home all day, every day. Make a point to get out into the world at least once a day–and chores don’t count! Head to the park, the museum or the library. When it’s possible, do what you can to go out without your kids too! Anything is possible if you make time for it.

No Means No

That’s right, it’s time to include “no” in your self-care toolbox. Learning to put yourself first is a real skill, and using “no” more often helps us hone this skill. The truth is, we’re better moms when we take care of ourselves link to oxygen mask blog EXPLAIN

Even though your children are your world, they don’t rule it. Set boundaries as to when mealtimes take place and at what times you are willing to pick them up and drop them off at all the places they want/need to be. While wiggle room is always needed for the inevitable daily surprises, setting boundaries and saying “no” helps you and your kids respect your time.

Have Separate Lists

When you shove every task onto one list, somehow the personal tasks seem to get shoved to the bottom (or don’t make it on the list at all!). Have a mom list and a personal list, and keep them handy. Take 15-20 minutes each morning to tackle one thing on each list before you dive into daily tasks. This will help you feel accomplished and inspired for the rest of the day.

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