So much has been happening here, I feel like I am constantly in a whirlwind of excitement! As I meet more and more moms, I have been getting more questions about how The HAPPY Mommy Method™ works, and what it means to work with me as a mentor. So this week I’m going to give you all the details!

When a mom decides to work with me, even before our very first phone call, I send her a little survey so she can tell me about what is going on with her: symptoms, mindset, age of her child(ren)… That helps me to understand where she might be in her process and get to know her a little.

Then we start to work together, either using my 5-week accelerated program, or the 12-week standard program. The choice of program is always up to my moms! If we’re doing a 5-week program, we spend one week on each of the HAPPY modules. If we have 12 weeks, we can spend a little more time on whatever parts of the process need more attention. I customize the 12-week program for each woman.

woman on phoneWe talk once a week, and each week, I also assign some supplemental work. It’s just a few things to do that strengthen the process. It starts before we even have our first call: Right away at the start of the program, I ask each mom to write down her vision of what being a “Happy Mommy” looks like. That sets the tone for the whole program and gives us something inspiring to work for!

In the first talk session, we dive into that vision and talk about hope. It is all about making sure she really sees how possible her vision is – that it can really happen. Visions are not dreams: they are versions of what our lives can be, and if you want your vision to become a reality, you can achieve it. That is really true, and so the first thing she starts to do is just believe.

The second module is all about action; this is when she starts to think of changes she can make to start creating her vision. We set some goals in seven different areas of life, making sure they align with her vision of happiness. Then, focusing on just one of those areas, she starts making changes and observing the effects.

In the third module, we set up tools and strategies that help her stay on the path and keep her momentum. Things like finding a trust person; having an outlet; getting consistent care; having a support team: and, of course, celebrating her victories!

The fourth module gets more into what is going on with her body. This includes eating right, getting exercise, sleeping well (as well as possible!), and taking care of basic needs; but we also talk about what has to happen around her so that she can feel good on the inside. It is always illuminating to think about how much our environment affects our physical wellbeing!

The final module is about putting yourself first, and I know that’s sometimes the hardest thing to do! But it is absolutely necessary, and so as we reach the end of the program, I make sure she truly understands how valuable she is, and how important it is for her to take the best care of herself she can. As my moms finish their programs, I never want to say goodbye until I know they are ready to continue all this good work and positive change on their own.

writingAs we get to the end of the program, we look back at the survey she filled out at the very start, and she gets to answer a couple of the questions again to see how her mindset has changed. And it always has! This can be the most rewarding part: so many times we don’t even realize how much has shifted until we compare the starting point to the ending point. This is when my heart bursts with joy as I see happiness growing in the women who, by this time, I always consider wonderful friends.

And that’s the program, in a nutshell. So much of it is highly personal and customized, that it will truly be different from woman to woman. But the underlying structure is always the same, and the result is always incredibly rewarding. If you have any more questions, I hope you will ask! And even more than that, I hope we have the chance to work together soon.

With Love and Mommy Hugs,
Pamela Zimmer