Originally, I was going to title this post “There’s No Time Like The Present,” but then I realized it would just be completely hypocritical of me, and here’s why…

First off, it’s been two weeks since I last posted. Yep, two weeks – geez! I can’t blame it on a busy, fun summer anymore, because we’ve had two weeks of school already. So no excuses other than just a busy life and other things hurdling through the priority list up to the top.

Secondly, there are about a billion things (no, I’m not making this up – there really are a billion things… well, maybe a couple less) to do around here. Aside from the normal daily and weekly chores, there are other important obligations that we need to fulfill (I won’t get into details). I’m a queen at procrastination (if there were a pagent for that I’m quite sure I would come in as one of the top three). So preaching about no time like the present, yeah, that probably wouldn’t fly.

Okay, so I’ve established a new title. What am I getting at? We’ve been talking about taking Brayden out of his crib and into a big-boy bed for quite some time now. He’s three, and we figured it was time, but he really, REALLY loved his crib (and I must admit it was pretty convenient for me too). He never complained, would shove himself against the side all cozied up with his lovies and his blanket, and sleep so great. It was never an issue that he still slept in a crib.

There were a couple of good reasons we hadn’t taken him out of his crib yet: One – I knew he couldn’t go over and pummel Zackery in the morning (yes, Brayden likes to hit – we’re working on that one). Two – if he was being really naughty, I could put him in there for a time-out, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get out (in all these years he never tried to climb out of his crib… thankfully, or this whole transition probably would have happened a lot sooner).

What finally pushed us into the land of change was more out of the necessity of I don’t want to clean this up right now than the logical thought process of Should we discuss this with Brayden and make sure he’s okay with the transition?  Brayden got the stomach bug, and at 11:30pm he started vomitting (at least it was still relatively early in the middle of the night, compared to when Zack had it two weeks prior and started vomitting at 3:00am!). He vomitted a few times before we got to their room (according to Zack who was watching the whole thing, screaming for us to come help Brayden).

It was all over his crib. I mean ALL over! Down every little crack between the matress and the sides, and on every surface of the picketed rails. His jammies, his lovies, his blankets – all over. Yuck!

So, at midnight, I had Brayden in the bath and Will was dis-assembling the crib with a screwdriver in one hand and Lysol wipes in the other. Bye bye crib, hello mattress on the floor.  

We laugh about it now, and we admit it is pretty funny that it took Brayden getting sick in the middle of the night to finally get Will and I to just make the call and do it. It’s been about ten days now, and Brayden has slept on a mattress on the floor (it’s just his crib mattress, until he gets used to it and we have a chance to get a regular sized twim mattress). He loves it! He has never gotten up and ran over to smack Zack (thank you!), and most times he actually still stays in his room when he wakes up, waiting for one of us to come get him. He will just be sitting on the edge of his bed. It’s great. Why didn’t we do this sooner??? 

Yes, there’s no time like the present… Maybe I should take that advice a bit more often! 🙂