I have two hours to myself. I hope I get everything done that I want to. And by “done” I mean written. I came here to write.

It’s Mother’s Day and so far I’ve had the most wonderful day. It’s everything that I had wanted and planned – quite the difference from the changed plans of changed plans from the other day. You can watch the video post all about it… 

In my mind I envisioned sleeping in a little bit. I still set my alarm, because even though I know my body is craving sleep right now, I didn’t want to rush. I wanted to wake up, snuggle in my chair in the living room with a blanket and pillow, and coffee. Always with coffee!

Will made my coffee this morning – well, half of it at least. He’s good at that. I mean, even I can make a good cup of coffee with the Keurig. For as much as I love good coffee I sure do not claim talent in brewing a pot. Cup by cup, I can do that!

I nestled into my chair and here comes over Brayden. Happy and smiling as always. Seriously, even if this kid is mad, upset or in trouble, he still has a smile on his face. I’m not complaining. A beautiful poem in a paper pot filled with two dimensional fingerprint flowers. A decorated bag with Army Mom and Army Brayden – not sure where those came from because we have zero military in our family, but hey, he’s a boy, so I guess it’s in his DNA. A wonderful handmade card with a pink rocket inside orbiting around the sun, to which he later added Mercury. Of course, every card needs Mercury.

Zack was next. His card was big. In a giant square envelope. I had to put my coffee down just to open it up. It was well worth it. He crowned me the Best Mom with a light up headband. I felt quite special! And the card inside was just as special. There was more… Friday he had brought home from school a glass jar with blue fabric and a pink ribbon around the lid, blue and gold sharpie written on the sides and bottom. He specifically said “Mom, you can’t open this until Mother’s Day.” Okay. I waited, although I really, really wanted to peek inside!

I’m glad I waited.

Inside were ten folded up little strips of paper with zig-zag edges from fancy scissors. Blue and purple. On each strip of paper he had written in gold pen. On each strip of paper were words that came from his heart. On each strip of paper my little (10-year-old-going-into-middle-school-next-year-not-so-little-anymore) boy had touched my heart in such a way with his genuine thanks, appreciation and deep love for his Mom. For me. Tears welled in my eyes, and although they didn’t fall, the tears of joy and gratitude in my heart flooded my chest. The best gift I have ever been given.

The. Best. Gift.

Do I feel a little bit bad saying that? Because, after all, I’ve had plenty of “best gifts ever.” The card and artwork that Brayden just gave me. Will, Zack and Brayden themselves are my top three best gifts ever in themselves (did you see that Facebook post going around?). So, do I feel bad. Not one bit. It doesn’t diminish any of the previous best gifts I’ve ever been given. Not at all. 

Having a handmade jar with handmade declarations of my son’s love… I can’t compete with that. Nothing right now can. I will cherish it forever. I’ll set it next to Brayden’s artwork, because that is his best gift to me right now.

I feel so blessed.
I feel so loved.
I am so loved.

Off to church we went (after of course a shower where I actually washed my hair – and even pulled out the hair dryer for a few minutes… just dry enough to not be dripping down my back). Hey, that could be the best Mother’s Day all on it’s own! You know what I mean, right?

A beautiful service as always. A relevant message as always. A sea of friendly faces as always.

Bribing Brayden to button his shirt back up so we could take a “nice” family picture. Several goofy faces later (I tell you, this kid is ALWAYS smiling – and if you’re not, he’ll make you eventually) and we likely can find a decent photo with all of us looking at the camera at the same time. And if not, well, that’s just our family and I’m quite okay with it. In the past I might not have been, but today, I’m comfortable embracing the uniqueness of the four of us together. Yep, that’s my family and I’m proud to be in it – imperfections and all.

The bribe took us out for donuts.
There’s a homeless man on the sidewalk. “Can we get him a donut too?” Yes, and we picked out a chocolate bar.

Don’t tell anyone (LOL) but I had two donuts. Gasp! I know, the horror. But hey, it’s Mother’s Day.

Back at home we played a board game. Will made burgers on the BBQ for lunch.

1:40pm…. “Boys, let’s go!” And off to kid and mom yoga we went. Every other Sunday afternoon they get to go do yoga in a nice not-hot room at Juice Box Yoga. Forty five minutes of kid-free / mom-free time (depending on your perspective). Today, however, all the moms got to come into class with the kids. It was special. I had been looking forward to this for months. I love doing yoga. I love getting my kids to do yoga. I love doing yoga with them!

Definitely not a typical juicy workout like usual, but juicy in the sense of such a yummy experience of doing yoga with my kids. Yep, super juicy!

And that brings me now to here. Sitting at a high-top table with my laptop, overlooking the mountains outside looming under the dark gray sky. The sun is out, peeking, and the rain hasn’t started yet, but I can smell it coming.

I guess if any part of the plan of my day has shifted it would be this part. I thought for sure I’d be having pink bubbly champagne. But no, I am settling for a beautiful dry rosé from California instead. End of the world? Gosh no! Again, not complaining. Not complaining one bit! 

I am lucky.
I am blessed.
I am happy.

And then of course there’s the fact that I’m tapping away on my laptop instead of painting ink across the page in my journal. Pen versus laptop – eh, it’s really just the mechanism of getting my thoughts out. The intention is the same. The outcome is the same.

I came here to write today. What exactly, I wasn’t quite sure. I think I did okay.

A couple hours to myself on Mother’s Day. I deserve it. It’s my day. I love my boys. I love my husband. I love people. But I also wanted some time to just be alone by myself (even if I’m technically not “alone” – I’m not the only one here in this place – five other high-top tables are full next to me). 

It’s been a great day. The day is not over yet. Will is at home with the boys prepping dinner. I don’t have to lift a finger. He really takes good care of me. Then, I get to go back to yoga for my regular Sunday evening yin class. I come home after those classes ready to melt into bed. It’s the perfect book-end to finish off one week and start the next. 

How did I get so lucky? How did I get so many blessings? How is my life so abundantly full with love and joy? 

I think I know…

Two hours to myself today. Right now. I write. I reflect. I miss my Mom. I know she’s up there, next to God, dealing out blessing after blessing, full of love and joy.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You made me. And in me you gave me the heart and desire to spend my day today exactly how I have been. Thank you. The only thing that could ever make this day any more perfect would be if you were sitting here with me. Across this high-top table. Looking out over the mountains standing tall under the looming gray sky, the rain on it’s way but not yet come. Cheers Mom. I love you. Happy Mother’d Day.