As a professional, I understand how challenging it can be to move ahead professionally while keeping a strong work / life balance.

Often times, as professional women, we find ourselves working really hard without seeing the rewards. Sometimes, it seems as though we are living to work rather than working to live! When we barely have time for our self, to enjoy life outside of working and we barely have time to enjoy family and friends. Sound familiar? I know I’ve felt this way at times. It doesn’t happen very often anymore (for several reasons – one being I have a system!), and I can confidently say that I DO have a life of balance.

I understand what it means to be an empowered professional with immense inner peace. Yes, I am now a powerful, peaceful professional! That’s why I was excited when Dr. Carmen Tekwe reached out to me to participate on a project she’s been working on. Dr. Tekwe is hosting a series of interviews on what it means to be an empowered peaceful professional. The project is called The Powerful Peaceful Professional: How to Create a Work Life Balance You Crave and Live Your Dream Life Today!”

This is for professionals who are ready to start living their dream lives – but find the daily stresses of work and life getting in the way. In this series, we show you how to reclaim your power and start taking bold actions to create the life you fully deserve. It is possible to be fully successful as a professional while also loving life outside of work – having the work life balance you crave! I am collaborating with over 21 experts who are ready to share with you their personal journey to creating their dreams. We work together to show you steps that you can start taking today to love every area of your life!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is ready to take their professional and personal lives to the next level – anyone who is ready to start taking bold actions to create their dreams. I’ve come a long way since those days where I was experiencing burn out with work to where I am today – where I am embracing life and loving the lifestyle that I’ve created for myself. I am passionate about seeing everyone living their dreams and that’s exactly why I’m sharing this with you.

You can register for The Powerful Peaceful Professional here:

Here’s to the BEST version of YOU!
Pamela Zimmer