The Empowered Woman Virtual Summit7 (1)

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of different responsibilities. It can be challenging to juggle the many “jobs” we hold and the hats we wear in this world such as mom, business owner, wife, volunteer, and many others.  The hats could pile on and on…

Tell me if I’m wrong, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming! Life is busy and full, which is great, but it can lead to a lot of stress or even feelings of being “not in control.” You know what I’m talking about right?

My friend and colleague, Suzi Petrozzi, is a mom, a business owner, and a powerful voice in the women’s empowerment community who understands exactly what busy, successful women experience on a daily basis, and she’s hosting a FREE online event during which I will be one of the guest speakers. I’m truly thrilled to be part of this powerhouse lineup!

I’d like to invite you to register for this amazing event called:

The 2016 Empowered Woman Virtual Summit: Get Clear, Take Charge and Make it Happen!

The event runs from July 20 through the 22th  and I’m honored that Suzi has chosen ME to be one of the speakers during this virtual event.

[I want to take charge] <<< Claim your FREE spot now

This event is packed with powerful, world-changing people who want to share (with YOU!) their personal stories of success and the specific strategies they use to take charge of their lives, and create amazing work in the world.

Suzi has hand-selected 19 amazing speakers and here’s some of the highlights of what they will share with you:

  • How to have a kick ass career without sacrificing your family
  • How to get your body back in balance so you feel focused energized and crazy pants productive
  • How to stay in the game, even when you want to quit
  • How to use your feminine energy to create more love, health and money
  • How to be unstoppable in your business, and simply irresistible in your love life

These are just SOME of the amazing topics! Can you see why I immediately said YES when Suzi asked me to speak? It really was a no-brainer.

So, what are you waiting for?! Stop trying to figure it all out on your own (there’s no award or prize for that!), and join my friend and colleague Suzi and I for this powerful event.

[Yes, I want to make it happen!] <<< Reserve your space. 

And, do your friends and colleagues a favor, and share all the details about this invaluable series with them – they’ll be so grateful you did!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for July 20th. I’ll “see” you there!

Here’s to the BEST version of YOU!
Pamela Zimmer – Author, Speaker, Mentor