Blue a water so deep and vast. 
Sparkling with shimmery diamonds
as the light from above reflects.
Straight towards me.
A path from Heaven.
As vast as my eyes can see.
To the horizon of blue mountains
capped with just a glimpse of snow.
Two worlds melted together among the forest trees.
A beautiful glorious place.
Magnificent in sight.
Too much to take in as my eyes know not where to look first.
So much surrounding me. So much glory.
God’s creation entirely.
I hear the water as it laps against the cold gray rocks.
Rhythmic. Mesmerizing not just to my ears.
Mesmerizing to my soul.
Rolling splashes and gentle waves.
Coming towards me.
Inviting me in.
Cleanse yourself. Refresh yourself.
Wash your worries away.
The water speaks.
And I sit
on this cold gray rock.
Not knowing where to look first.
Listening as I glance all around.
The beauty surrounds me.
Pure Heaven on earth.
So blessed and magical.
I feel the light breeze ever so gently in my hair and on my skin.
A slight bite in the chill and then quickly the sun warms it away.
The water dancing with the rocks
and the breeze playing music in my ears.
A sweet lullaby tune.
Rest, sit, be, feel.
Listen, see, hear.
Two birds fly above,
effortlessly gliding.
To be free, up in the sky.
To see it all from up high. Above.
Above me where I can only see so far.
And so much to see I know not where to look first.
It is all so beautiful and magnificent. 
A mesmerizing scene to meditate on God’s creation.
I sit on this cold gray rock.
My feet dangling.
Pen in hand.
And I am at peace.
Rhythmic breathing to mimic the rhythmic water upon where I sit.
Loud if I want it to be.
Quieting for my soul.
I look up to the sky.
Eyes closed from the bright sun.
The warmth on my face.
A blanket. A comforter to hold me.
I feel loved.
He holds me in His hands. Every inch of me.
Rest, my child, rest.
Be, listen, hear, see, feel.
Feel me. Feel my glory.
Embrace the beauty of my creation.
He says to me.
One last look from left to right.
Slowly turning my head. 
Eyes wide open.
Heart even wider.
I give thanks.
For sitting on this cold gray rock,
out in the deep blue water.
Lapping with rolling waves, as the wind speaks softly in my ear.
I give thanks. To God above.
For His mighty and glorious creation.