Let me ask you something: where are you right now?

It’s Monday morning, and I’m guessing that many of you are at work, even though you really don’t want to be. Even though your kids are home, with a sitter, at daycare, or with Grandma & Grandpa… even though you can hardly concentrate…

Does this sound familiar? If this is you, let me tell you, you are not alone. Millions of parents (myself included) are feeling a little overwhelmed today, and looking forward to the holiday at the end of this week!

Moments like these are when the strain of being a working mom shines with crystal clarity: when you want to be proud of your accomplishments at work, and you want to be home with your kids – but it feels like you’re not doing a great job at either one.

Which reminds me of that gift I made for you 🙂

This is a completely free message, from one mom to another, and you can download it right now: Kiss the Mommy Guilt Goodbye! I wrote this for all the moms who feel:

  • I SHOULD BE… You’re at work, yet you’re thinking “I should be home with my kids.”
  • I WOULD BE… You drop your child off at daycare or let the nanny in for the day… and feel guilty as you question your decision to be a working mom.
  • I COULD BE… You’re at home, thinking about what’s going on at work, and wishing you were there instead.
  • I WANT TO BE… You want to find satisfaction both at work and at home, but both seem to suffer.

If this is you, I can assure you that those feelings are normal – but not needed. You can let them go, and I believe you should. Why not start right now?

I hope you will take just a few minutes today to download this free gift, and please, share it with the other moms in your office – I’m sure some of them could use a break, too.

I also send out weekly video messages to my list: Happy Mommy Moments. It’s all free and I love sending them, so please join the list and let’s say goodbye to mommy guilt together.

XmasTree2013Have a wonderful holiday. This year, as I sit by the tree with my beautiful boys and my loving husband, I will be thinking of all the moms I have met this year, and how much richer my life is because of your influence. Thank you.

With Love and Mommy Hugs,
Pamela Zimmer