What could I possibly gain from spending a day alone??? The answer might surprise you!

Last Thursday I did a VIP Day… with myself.

Six solid hours of just me, myself and I, and my program workbook. I parked myself at my office-away-from-home (aka, Starbucks), and I sat there for the entire time. I was both client and mentor – and I have to admit it was a wee bit weird. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be unbiased, and I certainly wasn’t sure if I could get through my entire workbook and the five modules plus extras within the six hour time block. But I did. And it was powerful.

I believe that we teach what we most need to learn, and boy was I in prime position to learn a little bit from my own work. I knew that I had been putting off my self-care (at least to the extent that I truly needed it). It was time to do something about it.

Yes, I was still doing my morning visualization and prayer / meditation time, and I was still doing my evening prayer and gratitude, but I had let my boundaries slip (big time!) and I was getting a little lazy and lackadaisical in my routine.

I had turned into my very own perfect ideal client: an overwhelmed, burnt-out, purpose-driven entrepreneurial mom.

While I won’t get into the nitty gritty of what has been happening in my life to cause me to get to that state (because trust me, you don’t have enough time to read it all), what I do want to share with you was what came out of my VIP Day.

My first realization was confirmation in the sense of, I truly do know what I want. Not much shifted or changed from the last time I did the Permission Pinwheel™ on myself. In fact, if anything changed, it was that I got way more specific as to what it all looks like in my vision. It was a good exercise. Very affirming. And that was just Module 1!

The second realization, and probably the most shocking to me, was in doing a time-tracker exercise. I saw how I was spending my time within the 4 core areas (again, from Module 1), and I saw that there was nearly NO time just for me. WOW! Really? The “Self-Care Queen” isn’t taking me-time?!

Yep, that is the truth.

I have plenty of time in other areas, and to be honest, some of that time did overlap with Self time, but barely any time at all (outside of sleeping – which as always, I highly recommend) was devoted to just myself, not shared with any other category. It was enlightening. Disheartening. Eye-opening. It spurred me to take action and to really re-commit to the boundaries I had set in place years ago (yes… years) and had slowly been letting slip and shift and slide until they essentially disappeared.

Why am I sharing this horrid truth with you? I mean, you could be saying to yourself: “Why would I listen to Pamela? She doesn’t even know how to take care of herself!”

I share this with you because I am right there with you! I am not perfect. I am human. I get complacent and comfortable and lazy – even with my own work. I’ve been there. I am there. This puts me in an even better position to understand YOU and where you are.

Last Thursday I spent the day with myself and it was a powerful lesson and gift to always put myself first.

No matter what.

Those who know me would agree, I’m not selfish. I don’t advocate doing anything to the detriment of your family. Self-care isn’t selfish! Self-care… all facets of it (because it goes way beyond the physicality of our bodies)… is essential. It is what prevents the unhealthy relationships, the exhaustion and overwhelm, the feeling of drowning in life itself.

If I am being honest, which you can usually count on, I am not one hundred percent back in balance, but I’m getting there. Change and shift takes time, and I am honoring the process and allowing myself plenty of time to recharge and rejuvenate myself. I am sticking strong to my boundaries because they serve me, and in turn serve my family, my work (you) and everyone around me.

I began my VIP Day with some small uncertainty. I maintained an open mind and the willingness to trust the process. The process I created. I am so glad I did.

Here’s to the Best Version of YOU!

Pamela Zimmer

p.s. If you would like to know what it would be like for you to experience a VIP Day with me, just shoot me a quick message to VIP@pamelazimmer.com