I don’t typically like to write about myself. I’m weird like that I guess. Not someone who likes to talk about herself either, which is why this post is in a totally separate category. I’ve been humbled. Humbled in the most amazing way. Humbled by being lifted up in acknowledgement. Humbled amongst some incredible women, amongst my peers.

Yesterday I attended my very first Professional Saleswomen of Nevada (PSN) luncheon. It’s an organization I have known about, however have never participated in nor attended. Why yesterday, you ask? I was one the nominees for the 2018 Saleswoman Of The Year (S.W.O.T.Y.) Award, and yesterday’s luncheon was to acknowledge all the nominees and announce the top 10 finalists. You can clap and cheer now. *wink* LOL haha… and all those other laughter emotions. No, really, I was honored, excited and feeling a tad bit surprised if I am being honest.

There were over 130 nominees for the award and out of those only 52 of us actually filled out the questionnaire. We were all recognized at the luncheon yesterday with a certificate, a rose and a photograph. It was very nice, and standing up in front of the entire room, next to my peers and other incredible, influential women in Northern Nevada… that was yesterday’s first humbling experience.

So… if you’re following along at all, I didn’t have just one humbling experience. 

The luncheon continued and stories were shared from the answers that the nominees wrote as we filled out our questionnaires. The first story was obvious to me and to most of the room as Dr. Erin Oksol – my business coach, my friend, my client and my co-author (yes, we both know a good thing when we see it and I learn from her as she learns from me). Subsequent stories were shared and some the room guessed while others we all had to wait in suspense for names to be called. Each time one of the nominees stood up and again walked to the front of the room to accept a certificate, a rose and the honor of being in the Top 10. It was quite exciting!

As five women were up there I counted. Five left. It’s possible, but probably not likely. I’m not a saleswoman, I kept thinking. I mean yes, I did get nominated, and I did get to share my definition of success as having impact and influence (not necessarily the exchange of money – although that is surely a great feeling – the bonus, the icing on the cake, and never something to be ashamed of). I do honestly believe that success is the ripple effect you create on the world. Money earned doing that just means you can make a bigger difference.

So five women had been called, then six, then seven.

As the eighth name was called it was another friend and co-author (The book Reno Rising just launched on Amazon August 29th as a bestseller – right smack between Rachel Hollis and Brené Brown… I’ll take it! – and you can buy the book or check out the entire Reno Rising Movement here: Reno Rising). I was texting her to say “You’re in the Top 10 for PSN!!!” I listened for the next story and clapped when the name was announced. 

Then it was the tenth and final story. I had been listening for the words of my story, at the same time not expecting to hear them. For a split second I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I book-ended Dr. Erin on the stage. The thought quickly faded as I heard words like impact, ripple effect and families in the world…. Those were my words. MY words! I was listening to the announcer share my story. 

My heart began to race. My hand began to shake. My palms got sweaty. Time slowed down until I finally heard my name called: Pamela Zimmer. I think I smiled. I honestly can’t remember I was in such shock. 

I pushed my chair back, stood up and walked over to the stage. My heart was pounding like a drum, muffling the clapping and cheering of the room, but I could still hear it. Still shaking I looked at some of my friends in the audience and put my hand to my heart in disbelief. They nodded. I walked up the three steps onto the stage, hugged the presenter, took another rose, another picture and stood next to the women who had been called before me. Hey, look at that, I was book-ending Dr. Erin!

The moment expanded and I remained in disbelief for the remainder of the day, and honestly well into the following day as well. Truly honored and extremely humbled to be in the company of such women, to be a Top 10 Finalist for Saleswoman of The Year! WOW!

Congratulations after congratulations poured in and each time I was able to receive it a little more. This is me. I did this. This is all on my own accord, by my own merit. I created this. I deserve this. This is me. This… and God.

As I sit here now and reflect on the events of yesterday it is giving me so much. More strength, more motivation, more confidence. It’s given me self-recognition and worth – not that I need affirmation or validation from anyone else (I get that from God), but I’m human, and it’s nice to have, especially from my peers.

My purpose for sharing this isn’t to brag. It’s not to make you feel bad. It’s not so you can compare my life to yours – seriously, my life is not perfect by any means!!! We all have challenges, we all have negative inner dialogue, we all have things to celebrate too. 

Let this be encouragement for you to step out and claim what you’re good at. Let yourself be seen. Show up. Be you. Be authentic. I know there is something that you are really, really good at, if not great. What is it? Are you allowing yourself to pursue it? If not, why not? And if you are, awesome, keep doing it!

You can do anything you put your mind to, even in ways that are unexpected and uncomfortable. Don’t underestimate the positive effect you have on people… and perhaps even on the world.

Go be you! Walk in your purpose and shine baby, shine! Don’t let it go to your head. Stay humbled, but experience the feeling of walking on the clouds every now and then.

Here’s to the BEST version of You!
Pamela Zimmer



***References to “yesterday” are actually references to Tuesday, 9/11/18. I started writing this on Wednesday the 12th, but as life kept on happening it took me longer to finish what I started. You’re reading this (hopefully) two weeks later.