Is it true? Is Summer really over?

Today is the first day of school. I feel like we had just gotten into the swing of things with summer camp, pool time, and being outside doing just about everything. And now, it’s back to school. Zackery started 1st Grade today. I wasn’t the least bit emotional, until I left him in his new classroom. Tears didn’t actually fall out of my eyes, but I think they were in there somewhere fighting to come out. My first little baby is growing up!

Brayden also had a big transition day today, as he moved (yet again) into the older 3-yr old room at his preschool. He is now a Zebra! He had a harder time than older brother today, however. Brayden was a little more clingy and I had to stay with him for a while, even walking him outside to the playground – and then he sulked off to the sand pit where he spends most of his outside time at school. He’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. It was just another little tug at my heart.

Last week I was in Dallas most of the week for the 13th Annual eWomen Network International Business Conference. It’s the second time I’ve gone, and it was phenomenal! I bonded with the awesome women from my local chapter, met new amazing women from all over, listened to both inspirational and educational speakers, and felt like I was always exactly where I needed to be in each moment. I gained confidence, clarity, motivation and extra drive to really get my Love & Mommy Hugs business going. It was a great week, and I thank my husband, Will, for always supporting me and giving me the space I needed to follow my heart, and for face-timing with me so I could see him and the boys! Thank goodness for technology! I missed my boys…

To top it off, it is Will’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Hon! xoxo

So now, I have approximately ten minutes to finish this post, publish it, and get in the car to go Back To School to pick up Zackery after his very first day of first grade. Phew! I hope all the rest of you are enjoying your first day of school, or perhaps your last week of summer.