Life isn’t always pretty. Maybe you’ve heard me say that before. Chance are you’ve experienced “that” yourself. A less-than-pretty life. But life can also be filled with beautiful moments of laughter and uninhibited love. This is exactly what happened a couple of months ago. We had the privilege of having Christy Arias come into our home and capture all of those real life moments.

To be honest, I did straighten up a bit. The dishes were done and (most of) the laundry was folded and put away. The Lego’s were confined into their respective bins – aside from of course the important ones that remain built and untouched, except by the Master Builder himself, as if in a museum and the curator is the only one with authority to do so. Point being, the house was presentable.

We had a wonderful experience with Christy and her photographic brilliance, and she got to witness a “typical” couple of hours: screaming, hiding, fighting, playing, laughing, eating, sharing, crying… and loving. When they say “a picture says a thousand words” they are right. And so with that, I’ll let you see for yourself (click here to see the photos). Enjoy!


Here is what Christy had to say… So excited to share the Zimmer family we photographed here in Reno, NV last month! It doesn’t get much better than this!  Life is real, crazy, fun, way too fast and filled with quite seconds closely followed by thought of “hmmmm whats about to happen here?” It’s unpredictable yet planned out so there is time for homework, play time, one on one time that is so easily over looked and all of the typical responsibilities that we have as parents. Work, me time, the list goes on and on. It’s a beautiful balance of the life that we are so fortunate to have!

In the end, at the end of the day we know who it’s all for!  We are getting to create this amazing childhood for these little people!  How amazing is that?!? And what a beautiful life you have created and share with your boys!

A life full of imagination!  So much so that it blows your own mind to witness as a parent! The sound of a giggle that brings a smile to your face just thinking about it! The made up love language between you and your five year old! That moment with your son where you are reminded that this is what you’ve always dreamed of! Two boys, right here, right now!

You created this beautiful life!  Ans as hard as it is sometime, any parent would agree, somehow,  there are these amazing moments that happen through the daily routine of must.  And when they do….. look deeper! Put what ever you were doing down and know it will still be there in 3 minutes. Be present! Laugh with them! Imagine with them!  Hold them just a tiny bit longer! These are some of the sweetest moments in life!  But I know I don’t have to tell you this!  You already know this!

Thank you so much for sharing all of your thoughts, love for one another and family with me! I am so honored to photograph what means the most to you in life!  Thank you all for loving so big and for trusting me to share that with!