It’s been nearly a year since I officially published and launched my bestselling book, ‘Reclaim The Joy of Motherhood – How I Defeated Postpartum Depression.’ Three hundred and sixty five days. (Yes, I’m writing that out because isn’t that what writers are supposed to do? I’d feel like I was cheating if I just wrote 365…) Okay, so I’ve established that it’s been a while since my book came out. And I have probably established a speck of sarcasm going on here too, which honestly is a testament to truly how happy I am.

The other day I was thumbing through my book, looking for quotes to use for daily Facebook posts, all in celebration of the anniversary of my book release. It was a fairly easy task, but it was also one that led me on a journey back in time. Not only did I go back in time to my years of suffering with PPD, but I also found myself reflecting on where I was when I was writing my book, and then to one year ago when I was getting ready to hit the “publish” button on CreateSpace and Amazon.

Surprisingly, the former was far easier to go back to, although there was an occasional sadness as I read again about some of the deep, dark thoughts and fears I had. The latter, however, made me really stop and think: What have I done over this past year?

Last week I celebrated my forty-first birthday. Admittedly, the day before my birthday I was a bit hard on myself. I had that same question: What have I done over this past year? You should be much farther along and more successful in your business by now. You should have spoken more, written more, organized more, gotten out there more. You should have… And then I stopped.

I stopped looking at all the things I “should” have done, and looked at everything I DID do! I changed my mindset. I went to a place of gratitude and abundance, instead of a place of scarcity. I started listing out all of my accomplishments and moments that really carved a place into my memory over the past year.

Here is what I came up with:

I published a book and it went to #1 on Amazon within a matter of hours after being released. Talk about a humbling experience to know I had so many people supporting me.


I attended conferences, retreats and trainings out of town during the months of July, August, October, January, February and (virtually) May. This was time I spent away from my husband and kids, completely dedicated to me and my purpose. It was showing my boys that Mommy is going after her dreams.

I had some live speaking appearances, where I spoke about my experience going through PPD, and what I’m doing about it now. It was the first time I have spoken to a groups of women with this topic. It wasn’t an architectural presentation, this was my LIFE!

I was interviewed several times for podcasts, radio shows, telesummits and articles. I discovered I really love being interviewed – the more I do it, the more fun and relaxed I get. So shout-out to anyone who needs someone to interview… I’m your girl! *wink

I started a weekly video series called Happy Mommy Moments™ and since launching it in January I haven’t missed a week! This was a big one for me. Consistency and being on camera. I have to say, though, I’m also really enjoying creating these videos, and as with anything, the more I do it, the easier it gets.
I rebranded my website. ‘Nuff said, and I hope you like it!

I broke a board with my bare hands on the very first try. Yup! That was a breakthrough moment for me too (literally, and figuratively). You can read all about it here… My Moment of Strength
And I got baptized! This was definitely the most transformative, spiritual experience I have ever had. You can read that post here… I Am a Daughter of Christ

handsLastly, but CERTAINLY not least, I cared for, disciplined, hugged, soothed, consoled, taught, supported, cheered on, motivated, prayed with and loved my precious (not so little anymore) angel boys.

None of this is meant to be taken as bragging or showing off. Trust me, I am far from where I hoped I would be. What that list represents to me, is taking the time to look back and reflect, to notice my WINS, and to celebrate them – just as I teach the moms I mentor to do. You have to stop and take a look at how far you have come every now and then. Otherwise, you’re just wandering blindly with a lack of self-appreciation.

Did I accomplish everything I wanted to or thought I would? No. Did I remain happy and joyful? YES! Am I proud of what I’ve accomplished and where I’m going? You bet I am!

That moment, the entire rest of that day, and even partly the rest of the week, was such a blur – in the moment. But now, as I reflect, it’s almost as if I’m watching the movie of myself because I can remember everything. It’s pretty cool, I won’t lie, becoming a #1 bestselling author with your own work. I think the only thing that could top that would be another #1 bestseller…

With Love and Mommy Hugs, RTJMandME
Pamela Zimmer