Brayden just turned seven. It’s crazy. And I know I say this every year: time FLIES! I can’t believe how big he’s getting. How smart he is. How much his personality is REALLY coming out. He’s still my little snuggle bug angel boy, and every now and then he asks to be called that. Or Buddy Boo. He seems to like that one a lot again now too.

Buddy Boo is what Zack used to call him when he was a baby. It was cute. I can picture it still… Zack leaning in with his still chubby cheeks to give Brayden a hug or a kiss or just get right up in his face (because that’s what young siblings do, right?).

Sometimes it’s hard to celebrate Brayden’s birthday. Not because of the age and getting older thing, but because he’s technically a summer baby. I feel like I’m always rushing to get birthday party invites out before the end of school. Which means I have to figure out his birthday party before the end of school. It’s not entirely bad, I mean, getting it done early means less to worry about as it gets closer.

This year we did a party at Clay Canvas – a paint your own pottery place. It was perfect! 10 kids and 2 staff to help. We ordered pizza and had a friend make a wonderful Lego cake. There really wasn’t much for me to do – it was the perfect kind of birthday party for a Mom!

Brayden’s actual birthday was even more special this year because we happened to be in Philadelphia. It was our annual trip back east to see Will’s parents and to visit his cousin’s farm in upstate New York. Typically we go right to his parent’s house, but this time we decided it would be fun to play tourist for a couple of days, so we stayed downtown in a hotel for two nights.

We played tourist quite well, visiting Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin’s neighborhood, Betsy Ross’ House and the Reading Terminal Market. Oh, the food in that marketplace!!! It was a dangerous place to be with our stomachs grumbling for breakfast…

I’m so grateful that the boys are both at an age where we COULD do all of that stuff. It was a lot of walking. A LOT! And the boys were troopers. They enjoyed learning about some of our country’s history (which we don’t have much of here on the West coast), seeing the city life, and enjoying some yummy treats (like Dunkin’ Donuts and ice cream sundaes for dessert – birthday special).

As summer is already half over (that’s another one I always say: CRAZY!), we’re enjoying the pool, the sun, sleeping in and not having to make lunches every day – at least for another week until they go back to camp. Hey, Mama has to get some work done too. *wink*

So… Brayden is seven. Zack is on his way to ten in just a couple of months. Time sure does go by fast.

Here’s to the BEST Version of You! (whatever that looks like this summer)

Pamela Zimmer
Author, Speaker, Mentor and “Self-Care Queen”

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