The conversation continues… to shave or not to shave? That is the question! 

To be honest, the whole shaving or not thing has become an intentional choice for me these days, far beyond the deciding factor of wether or not I’m getting a massage. 99.9% of the time my intentional choice is based on sleep. Yep, sleep.

If I’m tired and I know my body AND mind need sleep, then hairy legs, you’ll have to wait.

Shaving in itself, as a lone task, doesn’t take long. It’s the time spent before and after that sometimes I feel is better spent sleeping. Now, don’t think I’m a big lazy butt. Nope, I just value my sleep. It’s the number one thing I consistently commit to, and it’s the number one thing I focus on when I’m struggling or feeling “less than” – no matter what.

Don’t glaze over here… stay with me! 

If I am tired, if I am exhausted, what on earth makes me think that shaving my legs is going to be a good choice? Smooth legs aren’t going to solve my problems. I mean, you know. You’ve had those days.



Let me try another angle. Your kid is sick, feverish, pale, lethargic. What do you suggest? Go back to bed and get some rest. We need rest people!

We need rest!

Your body is like your car. It needs regular fuel, regular maintenance (I’m not talking about the cosmetic kind), and regular stops (to refuel). Or… my most recent analogy – the cell phone. You charge your cell phone every day (sometimes more – you know who you are). Why don’t you charge your body with the same mindfulness?

If you listen, your body will tell you when you need rest, extra rest, and flat out sleep. There is nothing wrong about needing (and wanting) sleep. Sleep doesn’t make you weak.

You are not a superhero if you can thrive on 4 hours of sleep at night. No, not a superhero, more like a zombie. 

My point: I’d rather stay in bed an extra fifteen minutes instead of prying my head off the pillow to go through the laborious routine of taking a shower… just so I can shave my legs.

Yes, personal hygiene is important too. If you stink, take a shower (to be blunt), but your body and skin and hair can most likely survive a day or two without.

Here’s to the BEST version of You (stubbly legs and all)!

Pamela Zimmer