There are really thousands, but in honor of Zackery’s 10th birthday – yes, I know, he’s TEN! Can you believe it? – I am narrowing them down to the top 10 (and trust me, it’s hard).

#10 – He loves to color coordinate all his clothes  – looking pretty sharp there, Zack! 

#9 – He loves to read – kudos and credit to all of his teachers who made learning and reading fun and exciting!

#8 – He has the loudest laugh and/or (happy) scream and we can always pick his voice out of the crowd. Embrace those expressions buddy!

#7 – He genuinely enjoys helping me in the kitchen – in fact his chili was almost as good as mine. LOL.

#6 – He is a great friend. Even when he was little, if he was someplace new, he would come home saying he made a new friend.

#5 – His creativity and passion for Lego’s still impresses me – we need a whole ‘nother room in our house for all his builds. He IS a Master Builder.

#4 – He loves his little brother, despite all the times Brayden lives up to being the “younger sibling” – you can probably guess what that means…

#3 – He still comes to sit on my lap, ask to be tucked in, lay with him (on the top bunk) and kisses me goodnight. This is what I don’t ever want to go away!

#2 – He always makes me feel better. He notices when I’ve had or am having a rough moment and he’ll comfort me with a hug and an “I love you Mom.” Yeah… I know.

#1 – He is our firstborn and without him, I would not have this beautiful blessing of being a Mom, his Mom.

Zack, I don’t know what I would do without you. You bring such joy into my life – into my heart. You are smart, funny, caring, creative and loving. I am so proud to be your Mom!! I still can’t believe you’re ten. Can you just slow down for a little bit. You don’t need to grow up so fast… you have plenty of life ahead of you. Come, Big Snugglebug, sit on my lap and tell me about your day.

Love, Mom