Thoughts: Water created the arches and the canyons in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Moab, UT. I’m sure in other places as well, but these are the two parks we recently visited so these are the parks that I am referencing here today. Someday I’ll get to Zion…






The “wings” or “fingers” started out attached and connected to each other and as the earth changed, cracks formed, within which water then flowed and created these magnificent formations.

Water is a natural resource. It’s precious.
Water is simple. It’s unique. It’s powerful. 

I get a little crazy when it comes to waterask my husband. He thinks it’s a little excessive, but I am simply respecting the power of water to destroy.

I wipe the water spots off the counter and faucet. Constantly.

Seeing the power of the water and the magnificent landscapes and formations that it helped create over thousands of years will aid me in my argument to “wipe up the water.” Moab is a great expert witness!

But this isn’t what THIS post is about. It’s not about sharing my obsessiveness over water drops and rings on the counter. No, this post is about what I learned about the power of water, in all it’s simplicity.

I think everyone can agree on the power of water. In the least we need water to survive. Our bodies are up to 60% water (in a healthy adult…. and as babies it is closer to 78%). Dehydration is a real thing. It causes hallucination, organ shut-down and in the worst case scenario, death. So, yes, I think we can agree that water is a necessity!

I think we can also all agree that water is simple (in relative terms – I’m no chemist and forgive me for not remembering much more about it other than it’s two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen). It’s not something we have to create in a high-tech billion dollar factory with hours and hours worth of man-power and machines. It’s not something we create at all, in fact. Nature created it for us. Well, God did, and we can discuss that later.

Water is a simple concept. It’s not anything foreign. In fact, every foreigner would recognize the need for it. 

On a basic level it quenches thirst. On a sophisticated level it provides energy. It is versatile. It is however, still simple.

This is what I learned: Something so simple can have such powerful effects, benefits, needs (and the list goes on and on). Water. What if we took that same mindset about our self-care. Self-Care is simple.

You might have caught me saying something like this, “It’s not the big things we do once in a while, it’s the little things we do every day that have the biggest impact.” I mean it! Self-Care isn’t always a spa day (although it could be, and I certainly do enjoy mine when I take them). Self-Care is the simple things we do consistently throughout the day and every day that keep us from needing a day at the spa. 

Did you catch that? Self-Care is what we do so we don’t need a spa day, rather it allows us to enjoy the spa day simply because we want it, deserve it, and are worth having it.

I recently created a free download called “7 Simple Self-Care Secrets” and I’d love to share it with you now. Just click the link and it’s yours! Super simple! Just like water. 

What I learned in Moab – aside from how much my knees and feet hurt after hiking for three days… all worth it though – is that the simple things can have the most impact when measured over a long period of time.

The water didn’t create those canyons and arches in just a day. The water didn’t create those canyons and arches in just a month, or a year, or ten years. The water created those canyons and arches over the course of thousands of years. It was consistent weathering and washing that defines the formations we see today. I’m sure the water will continue to weather away and create more beauty and instagram-worthy pictures. 

The water doesn’t stop. Granted, the water doesn’t have a brain and can’t think “hmmm, I think I’ll continue to flow today.” Neither should our self-care. It should never stop!

Self-Care is simple when we know what to do and how to do it. Self-Care is powerful when we are consistent with our practice. Just like water, we need it to survive.

Maybe this has got you thinking, “Pamela, you make a good point, but I don’t know what to do for my simple self-care.” No worries! Sometimes we need a little instruction or suggestion. Sometimes, we need help. Not knowing what to do for your self-care is something I help people with all day long.

Maybe you know what to do, but you struggle more with allowing it to flow consistently in and out of your daily routine. Maybe, you need help with implementing and staying accountable. Good news, I help people with that too!

Maybe, you’re in a good spot. Awesome!

And maybe, just maybe, you’re drowning. Let me help you… Grab a hold of the life-ring I’m tossing you right now. Reach out and let me pull you out of the water. Check this out: Be Your Best You!, send me an email and let’s connect. Don’t let yourself go under. Take the help. I’m here for you.

I might be crazy about water, but I’m even that much more crazy about self-care. To me it lands in the category of basic human need. Simple, yes. Impactful, Yes. Absolutely ESSENTIAL, YES!

Here’s to the BEST version of You!
Pamela Zimmer