I haven’t written a blog post yet this month. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, it’s only June 5th. It hasn’t even been a full week of June yet. Nope, not getting down on myself. It is what it is and I’m okay with that. Totally one hundred percent okay with it.

There are tons of things I could write about. I have a whole note section in my phone. A reminder that pops up every two weeks to write this or write that. Things (thoughts, I should say) are piling up in my “to be written” file. 

“Why haven’t I written them?” you ask. Or maybe you’re not asking. Maybe you’re wondering why you’re still reading this not-a-blog-post post. Ha! Yes, perhaps I’m asking myself the same question…

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the things I want to write that I can’t settle on which one is the “right” one to write right now. I think that’s the most rights I’ve written in one sentence. (My fellow author friends… are you laughing yet?).

One of my mentors told me once (actually, she’s told me several times) to just keep the pen to the page. It’s a tad bit different in this case because I’m typing and not actually writing the old-fashioned way. I’ll admit, there is a charm and a romantic sense of accomplishment when I take out my pen and paper and craft a story or poem. I’ll also admit there is a different sense of accomplishment when I can type out my thoughts directly and then BAM! There they are all formatted and spell-checked and ready to publish.

Needless to say, the advice was (and still is) to just write. Just keep writing. Even if I don’t know my next thought, even if I don’t know what the point of my writing is, even if I don’t know where my writing will lead me. The advice, the exercise… is to just keep writing.

Often times I’ve done this and nothing important or worthwhile ever comes out of it, except – yes, there’s a BUT – it gets the creative juices flowing. Often times, when I do this exercise (and usually it’s under a time limit – whether self-imposed due to bookended schedules or simply because that’s the “exercise” in the instance) I don’t ever want to stop. I get on such a roll that I don’t want to stop writing.

It can be a silly story that is completely make believe and unrealistic, or it could be a really deep, heart-felt piece that is pulling buried emotions or thoughts out of the foggy cobwebs. Whatever the writing that comes out of this exercise, it always has a purpose. Yes, even the pieces that make no sense that I would never (probably) ever publish.

As a writer, I have to write. It’s like oxygen. I must have it. I don’t have to spend hours every day writing…. Although. *wink*

Writing for me is self-care. And here it is. Here is how this blog post that started as not-a-blog-post post is getting tied into something relevant. Trust me, this wasn’t planned. For real! I had no idea this is what was going to land on the page as I typed. And here it is. 

That’s the beauty of keeping pen to page (or fingers to keys). Keep it moving along. Watch the pen create beautiful patterns of ink across the page, from line to line, top to bottom, until the ending is a complete compilation of thoughts. Watch the cursor move rhythmically from left to right, blinking, blinking, blinking… waiting for the next letter, the next space, the next punctuation, until finally at the end, a beautiful compilation of words into a masterpiece.

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away there! Not all writing is a masterpiece! But hey, it’s good to dream a little sometimes, isn’t it?

Writing is self-care for me. I must do it. I need it. I get cranky when it’s been too long. Nobody likes that!

What do you need? Really NEED? What is like oxygen for you? What makes your skin feel like it’s suffocating you when you don’t do it? I want to know!

I want to support you in your self-care, because remember, self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

p.s. Thanks for reading. You rock! Especially if you got all the way to the end without cheating. Without skimming the paragraphs for fun, crazy, bold words. If you read every single word, you rock! You’re my hero and I appreciate you. YOU are why I write!