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Three Words For 2018

When everyone else around me has found theirs. All the posts on Facebook. In the emails from the people I subscribe to. Everyone has claimed what 2018 will be for them. Their one word or phrase. But me… it took me a while to settle in on my phrase for the new year....

God’s Deep Blue

Blue a water so deep and vast.  Sparkling with shimmery diamonds as the light from above reflects. Straight towards me. A path from Heaven. As vast as my eyes can see. To the horizon of blue mountains capped with just a glimpse of snow. Two worlds melted together...

Sleep or Shaving?

The conversation continues… to shave or not to shave? That is the question!  To be honest, the whole shaving or not thing has become an intentional choice for me these days, far beyond the deciding factor of wether or not I’m getting a massage. 99.9% of the time my...

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