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Sleep or Shaving?

The conversation continues… to shave or not to shave? That is the question!  To be honest, the whole shaving or not thing has become an intentional choice for me these days, far beyond the deciding factor of wether or not I’m getting a massage. 99.9% of the time my...

How to Binge Watch a Netflix Show and NOT Feel Bad

It’s undeniable: “Netflix and chill” is the new motto for couples.   But recently I noticed that instead of actually watching a show when we are supposed to be “chilling,” both my husband and I end up glued to our phones. I’m usually getting sucked into a new...

Creating Space for the “Back Burner” Stuff

How often have you put things in your life “on the backburner,” and told yourself you would get to them once you had more time? In my experience, those items we put on the backburner are actually things we REALLY enjoy like hobbies, personal enrichment, or projects we...

Phrases to Ditch For A Fulfilling Motherhood

It is entirely common to hide negative thoughts about motherhood from other moms. In my experience with Postpartum Depression, I had a lot of ugly, scary, terrible thoughts, and I couldn’t tell if what I was thinking was normal or unhealthy. It wasn’t until I started opening up, and looked closer at what I was saying to myself on a regular basis that I realized I wasn’t alone in thinking some very negative thoughts. Along the way, I also discovered the power my inner voice had over my mindset. Here is a list of phrases to ditch immediately, and positive phrases to replace them with.

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